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So just what the hell is this all about??

(Hint: It's about website design and fixing computers and stuff
with the occasional bit of training thrown in!)
Oh! And in case you're wondering, I'm in Portlaoise, Co. Laois, Ireland.

will usually reach me!

Title says it all really…


Right… Well I haven’t got around to it yet, but this is where – hopefully – there will be a load of links to free stuff, such as editors, software development, graphics, productivity and… well… other stuff as I think of it.

Think of it as evolving into a smorgasbord of toys for puppies (or baby racoons – whatever they are called) with the occasional useful thing thrown in.

Just to get you started, and to give you a flavour of my world, here’s a piece on the ‘net from the town I was born in.  (And you thought the French system was bad…)

Here’s some new stuff you might be interested in…

Although these links have probably appeared elsewhere in this site, I just thought I’d start bringing stuff together.  I’ll probably move it to its own page in the near future.

Smithsonian Institute Open Access
Learn Electronics for free at RSD Academy
James Fridman

Photo by Yannick Menard on Unsplash

Edit: Apparently baby racoons are called “Kits”.  Don’t have a clue why, but there you go…