Bettering the World with Dave!™

So just what the hell is this all about??

(Hint: It's about website design and fixing computers and stuff
with the occasional bit of training thrown in!)
Oh! And in case you're wondering, I'm in Portlaoise, Co. Laois, Ireland.

will usually reach me!

Okely dokey good people!  Having had a load of input, and generally reviewing it when I could be bothered to (only joking!) the consensus is that saying “Okay, let me explain…” and then not doing so on the first page just doesn’t cut it.

So, please read on and hopefully enjoy the site and my warped sense of humour.  But for clarification purposes, I do computer repair and website design. I’m based in Portlaoise, Co. Laois, Ireland, and the site is dedicated to ultimately putting money into my grubby little hands, by fixing your computer or network (if I can) and/or producing and designing web sites and offering hosting and domain name services on a more personal level than other companies.  Also offering training and assistance where possible. So if you want me to design a website for you (or come out and stare blankly at your computer) you need a Dave!™
There you go! Sorted!

Okay, let me explain…

I’ve spent years trying to get together something which reflects my somewhat eclectic taste in things. Do I try to showcase my talents (well, the ones I think I have) or do I choose a narrow area of expertise? I’ve been a printer, a typesetter, a computer repair and network technician, a teacher and a web designer. I’ve been successful (or not as the case may be) in varying degrees in all of these areas. But…

Yes indeed, but… I’ve never really been able to pin down that elusive thing about what I do that makes me happy.  So instead of worrying any more about whether I have my towel with me when I go out in case the county council decide on a new hyperspace bypass around my house, or whether I have a catchy enough title to my site (or for that matter if anybody’s bothered about the catchy title), I’m just going to run with Dave!™ (I doubt that I can copyright that, but I might just try someday).

So, leaving aside the printing and typesetting bits (as I’ve not done that for nearly thirty years, don’t have the equipment or the inclination) if you want to find out more, want/need any assistance on the other stuff, then it always helps to have a Dave!™ under your bed! (Well maybe not… no… that’s not a good idea… forget that bit!)

Oh, and just as a taster, here’s some sites I’ve been working on recently:

Brady Remapping

Jelly’s Tots Crèche and Playschool

Mcevoy Recovery Services

Also.  Just because I’m smug about it… It’s approximately 3,400 km from Ireland to Lanzarote.
Using Anydesk to connect, I remotely installed and tested a printer for my friend.
(Okay, they had to push a few buttons: even my arms aren’t that long…)

Oh. BTW. Links page has new stuff!
Be sure to check out the link to James Fridman! I think you’ll love it!

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